Introduction to this Course

Welcome to this Course.

Every week you will get a package:

  • Tutorials give you an overview of the weeks' teachings
  • Workbooks are written material for each week.
  • Practices are something to try to do every day for the week.
  • Intimacy missions are a challenge each week to integrate the teachings into your everyday life (these are done with the people you meet in your everyday life!)
  • Guided trypliminal audio meditation for overcoming fear of intimacy (working on any unconscious blocks)

Work around your own schedule, but it is best to set aside time each day to tune in. Five minutes tuning in daily is better for integration than doing 60 minutes one day a week.

SO IT IS TIME TO COMMIT!!!! Not to me, but to yourself. Make a commitment to really move through any resistances or procrastination, so you can make the changes in your life that you desire.

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